FUHU Festival Kids 2016

Nowadays, in modern life, many parents are so busy at work that they don't have  enough time to take care of their children as much as before. Aware of that fact, Fuhucorp often makes entertaining events where the children can enjoy their happy time together with friends and family. Bringing into play the company’s good tradition on Children’s Day – 1.6.2016, Fuhucorp held the program “FUHU FESTIVAL KIDZ 2016” that due to connect and take a loving care of children’s soul – the future owners of Fuhucorp.

The event was held at the Headquarter of Fuhucorp Joint Stock Company from 8:30am to 4pm on April 28th, 2016. There were about 40 children from different  ages, 60 officers and employees of Fuhucorp and many guests took part in the program. 

Coming to the festival, the children and their family are warmly welcomed by the Fuhucorp’s Youth Union. All the boys and girls were so surprised and excited when they received a “Fuhucorp badge” from the organization board.

At FUHU FESTIVAL KIDZ 2016, we built an entertaining zone with various activities that are suitable for children at many ages such as: float house, fishing pool, ball house, coloring statues…By those games, the children could not only express their intelligence but also had the chance to interact with their parents, even learn English with the guests during the event as well.

After the event, all the children, even some of them could not come because of the long distance from home, received nice presents from the company for encouragement.

The festival was opened with a Flashmob by Fuhucorp’s Youth Union. This activity was successful in purpose of connecting, waking up the children’s happiness and innocence as well as giving smiles to their whole families..

After lunch-time, the kids and their parents took a short-rest before the afternoon – program with many interesting games to practice their union and strong attachment to each other.

The Festival ended up with  smiles and happiness of all the children and parents as well as the Fuhucorp staff. During the speech at festival opening ceremony,  Fuhucorp’s Board Chairman, Mr. Trinh Ngoc Khanh emphasized that all members of the company would try their best to bring  happiness for a brighter future for the children from today and in the future - ALL FOR OUR BRIGHT FUTURE !